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We’ve put together the ultimate review of the most exciting up and coming African Inspired Online Stores to check out right now!
African Inspired fashion is recognised for its bold use of colour, vibrant patterns, and prints. Many companies are paving the way in offering unique and authentic products that strive to showcase the beauty and heritage that African design has to offer.
Let’s kick it off with our Leading African Inspired Online Stores

Diyanu is an authentic clothing company on a mission to empower people to express themselves in a wholly unique and vibrant way. Featured in the New York Times, Forbes, and Elle, Diyanu is setting the standard for contemporary African Inspired clothing. They offer bold and vibrant African printed clothing and accessories designed for all styles and occasions. As a Black-owned company, they strive to empower all people, not just people of black descent, to embrace the bold colour and prints that African Inspired Apparel has to offer.

Afrikrea is another leading African Inspired Online Store that is on a mission to make ‘Made of Africa’ products available to the world. They strive to empower African craftsmen and women through craft, fashion, and culture. Afrikrea is an Online Store that offers African Inspired fashion that is suitable for all occasions. They produce authentic products of superior quality. They offer everything from African dashiki dresses and hand-crafted wax prints to accessories, wellness products and homeware. The company stands out for commitment and promotion of the production of ethical African crafts. 

Founded by the dynamic twin duo, Christelle and Michelle Nganhou, Grass-fields offers luxury African-inspired contemporary clothing. Born in Cameroon, the founders of Grass-fields strove to create a site that would break the barriers of the shopping experience as we know it by creating a store that showcases a fusion of African textiles and casual and formal Western styles. The result is a beautiful unison of unique clothing. The online store serves to offer the best of African print dresses featuring a range of bold and exciting styles and prints of clothing for men, women and children. Committed to quality and sustainability, each item of clothing is not only designed with love, but also to last season after season to set an example of moving away from fast fashion.

Laviye is an online store that strives to produce African Inspired clothing that ignites the passion of millennials in the diaspora to take pride, discover and ultimately embrace their African culture. Using bold and vibrant colours and African prints, they pride themselves on building a space where men and women practice bold self-expressionism. This is a company that produces exceptional garments that present the beauty and richness of African fashion, print and culture. Their clothing injects colour and personality into people’s lives. Not only is their clothing of high quality, but it is also affordable, offering accessible fashion. They offer everything from African-inspired formal and casual wear to swimwear, shoes, and accessories.

The Folklore is an online retail cultural hub. This store showcases a host of high-quality contemporary brands, artists, and creatives from Africa and the diaspora. Their mission is to exhibit bespoke designs from across the world that showcase diversity, personality, and unique crafts. With a commitment to quality and ethics, this company only offers ethical, clean, and luxury designed clothing and products. The site offers everything from luxury, handmade skincare products and unique homeware to boundary-pushing contemporary clothing. Essentially, that mission is to be the solution that bridges the gap between exclusive artists and customers by showcasing one-of-a-kind pieces of art.

Ofuure offers premium African Inspired clothing. The award-winning online store offers uniquely beautiful pieces featuring bold prints and vibrant patterns designed to empower women of all shapes and sizes. This store showcases clothing that advocates the use of bold colours, luxurious fabrics, and eclectic prints. Many of the garments feature underrepresented colours to highlight the diversity and beauty of African design. This African Online Store features a broad range of womenswear that includes everything from activewear and swimwear to formal wear.

Sika’a is on a mission to redefine luxury African Inspired fashion. This African online store is diverging on new horizons by creative innovative and iconic clothing that is inspired by a combination of modern elegance and casual functionality. Their pieces pay homage to the beauty and diversity of the African landscape. Not only do they offer unique African clothing, but they also pride themselves on their commitment to sustainability. This is a company that doesn’t compromise quality. Each item is designed for longevity and purpose. Each item is hand-stitched and made with love. Sika’a is setting the example for high-quality sustainable clothing whilst also exhibiting the rich heritage that African designs have to offer. 

Featured in Glamour and Forbes, Jamii is a unique online store that is bulldozing its way in creating a platform for exhibiting the craftsmanship of Black-owned British brands. They strive to advocate the sharing of black history and heritage by showcasing the products of a wide range of creatives. The site features everything from high-quality apparel and accessories to skincare and food. Anything you need… they’ve got it. This is a store that celebrates, embraces, and advocates bold talent.

Featured in Hello! And ITV, Cultureville is an award-winning fashion brand that specialises in offering high-quality, handcrafted, and authentic African Inspired clothing and accessories. The store features a broad range of clothing that feature bold and vibrant African prints which are used to create stylish and contemporary designs. Committed to ethical and sustainable production. All the prints used are sourced from West Africa. This store produces unique clothing that combines contemporary Western fashion with traditional and classic African prints that are designed to reflect the beauty and heritage of Africa and all that it has to offer.


So, there you have it…This is the ultimate list of African Inspired Online Stores breaking boundaries right now. Combined, these stores provide everything from high-quality luxury clothing to sustainable garments and creative handmade products. Each of these stores feature bold and unique designs that are changing the fashion world! Many of these brands are being noticed by high street giants, who are embracing African Inspired brands and showcasing them. This wasn’t the case a decade ago, lets support these independent African brands and elevate their presence worldwide!