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African Scarf Snood


African Scarf Snood with Face of Africa repeat print in gold.

100% cotton Jersey.

130 gsm in weight.

Made and Printed in London.


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African Scarf Snood

Face of Africa Design – Originally hand drawn with calligraphic pens and Indian ink by Designer and Founder of Duodu London – Danny Kay Duod.  The design was inspired by his rural West African childhood and his love for African Tribal Art. The unique art work was later digitally captured and used for embroidering and screen printing onto streetwear garments.


The African Scarf Snood proudly displays this art work as a mini repetition gold print.


About this product:

Soft, smooth handle this fabric will keep your neck warm and also a good face covering option.

The super versatile tube design allows the product to sit comfortably around the neck or be pulled up over the mouth and nose.

Top and bottom double stitch line and over locked internal seam.

40 degree machine wash.

100% cotton Jersey.

130 gsm in weight.

Size is 25 x 50cm.


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